2 min readNov 8, 2020


Have a HEART to create a deeper level of connection and intimacy by freely expressing your true feelings.

Have a HEART to express deeper level of unexpressed emotions.

Have a HEART to let go of any resentments.

One day I had my small group discussion our topic was about “What to do when we are in the midst of unwanted circumstances?”, after we had our discussion I received a message from a person telling hurtful words for mom. I felt numb and then it turn out that was crying and crying. I almost burst out to the point that I almost reply a hurtful message too, but then God is so amazing to remind me the topic of our small group discussion that I need to release the bitterness in my heart. Good thing, God shows another way for me to release the pain inside by sharing to someone how I feel that moment. Someone who can listen without complaining. I started sharing everything to him of what happened that moment. I felt like releasing that hurtful words from my heart. Then I open up my HEART to God.

Everyone of us need an outlet to release our emotions before we can take or do anything else. We need to open up and and get what’s bothering with us in order to create a space within and process of what we have to say. Me and You need a HEART TALK.

According to Jack Canfield, HEART TALK is a powerful tool for bringing unexpressed emotions to the surface and developing rapport, understanding , and intimacy.

Heart Talk will create amazing results: the safe expression of feelings, the letting go of resentments and past issues, the ways to resolve conflict, mutual respect, and understanding.